Flower Power: The Mysterious Conqueror

1 x 52' or 1 x 90' 4K

Though Flowers appeared late in the evolutionary process, today they represent 90% of plant species! They have conquered the planet in record time, overcoming all obstacles. This unrivaled domination of the plant kingdom has intrigued scientists for centuries, so much so that Darwin described their development as an "abominable mystery." But behind their deceptive fragility, what superpowers make them so enduring? What did the very first flower look like? Today, more and more discoveries come to light. From New Caledonia to Montana, from the Namib desert to the summits of the Alps, the world’s best botanists and geneticists decode this remarkable enigma. For the first time, we reveal secrets of flowers with never-before-seen images, time-lapse, and super slow motion captured with a next generation macro-lens. Thanks to stunning, high-detail computer animation, we retrace the history of flowers, diving into the heart of their cells to illuminate the real reasons for their success. Embark on this breathtaking scientific investigation as we lift the veil on the fascinating mystery of flowers. 

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