A Wolf's Journey

1 x 52' or 1 x 90' 4K
A Wolf's Journey

Trailer - English

A wolf's journey

52' - English

L'odyssée du loup

90' - French

Driven out of his pack, a young wolf has to face his fate alone and try to survive in a world ruled by man. Based on an incredible true story, A Wolf’s Journey tells the tale of the voyage of Slava, a lone wolf, rejected by his pack after having been beaten by the dominant male. Heading out from Romania, Slava travels over 3 600 km through 11 countries searching for a peaceful place where he can found his own pack. Making his way across half of Europe, pushed on by hunger, the cold, and the fear of man; the wolf travels through magnificent territories, rich but inhabited by men. He contends with forest fragmentation and a network of railways, motorways, villages and dams, so many places that it’s impossible for him to cross. But Slava is a clever and determined wolf... During the course of his journey, he meets a she-wolf, his she-wolf. Their life will only have meaning now if they find a territory where they can settle down and perpetuate their species, living in harmony with their ecosystem and their neighbour, mankind.
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