Anne Morgan, An American on the Front

1 x 52' HD
Anne Morgan, An American on the Front

Trailer - English

Anne Morgan, An American on the Front

52' - English

Anne Morgan, Une Américaine sur le Front

52' - French

Anne Morgan, Un’Americana al fronte

52' - Italian

From 1917 to 1924, Anne Morgan, an American heiress who had moved to France, poured both her own fortune and the fruits of intense fundraising into rebuilding Picardy, a region which had been devastated by the «Great War». Daughter of the fabulously wealthy banker John Pierpont Morgan, Anne Mogan was in the vanguard of both feminism and humanitarian action. With the help of some 350 fellow American women, she provided local families with essentials (medecine, clothing, furniture, cooking utensils). She also knew how to harness the power of images to promote their actions. This innovative fund-raiser called upon filmmakers and photographers to show the American public the devastation caused by World War I, as well as the reconstruction work her Committee was accomplishing. Thanks to a remarkable combination of creativity and pragmatism, she was able to keep her Committee in the spotlight and raised nearly 5 million dollars. By means of Anne Morgan’s film and photo archive and the letters written by the women volunteers, this film brings to life the fairy-tale adventures of these real-life heroines and provides a more up-close and personal view of the post-WWI period.

  • 1 x 52' HD
  • Artline Films, France 5, Histoire, The Franco-American Museum of the Chateau de Blerancourt
  • Sylvain Bergère
  • English, French, Italian
  • History
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