Legendary Castles

2 x 52' HD
Les secrets du château du Haut-Kœnigsbourg

52' - French


52' - English


52' - French

Perched high in the mountains between France and Germany, two castles have set human imagination ablaze: Neuschwanstein in the Alps and Haut-Koenigsbourg in the Vosges. These architectural jewels have left a lasting impression on the collective spirit, inspired many artists, and made an everlasting mark on History.

Who were the prestigious characters behind these masterpieces? How were the architects able to build such fortresses in the middle of a mountain range? What colossal means were deployed to achieve these architectural feats?

Thanks to 3D computer graphics and in-depth analysis by the greatest experts, you’re about to discover the secrets behind two extraordinary castles. Go behind the scenes of the Château de Neuschwanstein, a Wagnerian ode to lavishness. Relive the gigantic restoration of the Château du Haut-Koenigsbourg, an undertaking that called upon modern and revolutionary techniques alike.

Discover these two marvelous fortresses in their beautiful, natural setting. Welcome to two legendary castles.

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