Chantilly: The Other Versailles

1 x 52' HD
Chantilly: The other Versailles

Trailer - English

Chantilly: The other Versailles

52' - English

Les secrets du château de Chantilly

52' - French

Almost 800 years after its construction, the château de Chantilly finally unveils all its secrets. The Château de Chantilly's 215-hectare park is the most beautiful creation of André Le Nôtre, royal landscape architect. What he failed to do in Versailles, he succeeded in doing in Chantilly. What revolutionary techniques did he develop in order to build 3 kilometers of pipelines, ponds, and water features? The other wonders of the domain are the monumental stables, the largest in Europe! Thanks to experts and 3D imaging, discover the architectural masterpieces and the fabulous story of a castle with centuries of history. 

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