Charlie Hebdo: Paris under attack

1 x 52' or 1 x 90' HD
Charlie Hebdo : Paris under attack

Teaser - English (Subs)

Charlie Hebdo : Paris under attack

52' - English (Subs)

Charlie Hebdo : Ils ont croisé la route des tueurs

52' - French

From January 7th to January 9th 2015, Paris was targeted by unprecedented terrorist attacks, starting in the offices of satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo and ending in a kosher supermarket. During these 3 days of bloodshed, 17 people died: famous cartoonists, policemen and Jewish citizens. This explosion of violence shocked France and stunned the entire world. People everywhere filled the streets, demonstrating their solidarity: «I am Charlie» was hashtagged more than 5 million times in the days that followed, all around the world, in various languages. Day after day, hour after hour, from the initial massacre to the march broadcast around the globe, joined by world leaders walking arm-in-arm, this documentary tells us the inside story and unknown facts of the Paris attacks: the murders, the manhunt, the hostage-takings, the siege and the final police assault. Along with exclusive archives, many survivors, rescuers and key witnesses will give us their unique personal accounts of these events.

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