All-inclusive Happiness: The Club Med Story

1 x 52' HD
All-inclusive Happiness: The Club Med Story

Trailer - English

Club Med, Les coulisses d’une success story

52' - French

All-inclusive Happiness: The Club Med Story

52' - English

In the summer of 1950, a group of 300 tourists arrived in Mallorca after a 36-hour journey by train, bus, and boat. As they discovered their camping site in idyllic surroundings, magic happened. They were the first Club Med vacationers. Seventy years later, Club Med has become a multinational giant in the high-end tourism industry, comprising 65 villages in 26 countries and welcoming over 1.5 million travelers annually.

How did a dream by two men become a global standard? How did these clubs manage to cultivate a unique spirit that forever changed vacation culture? And how has Club Med innovated throughout its history and continuously come up with countless ways to entertain and offer new experiences to its customers?

Thanks to archive footage and testimonies from people who lived through Club Med’s evolution, you’re about to see the success story of the vacation village that conquered the world. Discover the all-inclusive paradise that offers the ultimate freedom and unlimited sports activities, in a unique atmosphere created by extraordinary employees. Join the Club on a journey of fun in the sun.  

  • 1 x 52' HD
  • RMC Production, INA, RMC Story
  • Léa Schlesinger
  • French, English
  • History
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