Coluche: The Comedian that Shook a Nation

1 x 52' HD
Coluche, Enquête sur un destin tragique

60' - French

35 years ago, Coluche, the most famous and popular comedian in France, died suddenly in a motorcycle accident. At the time the shock reached the entire country, sending the French into mourning. Days later in Montrouge, the king of laughter was given a funeral worthy of a head of state. Celebrities, artists, politicians, and anonymous people gathered by thousands to mourn the death of their beloved French comedian. And if Coluche's death caused such trauma to the country, it was because he was much more than a comic, much more than an actor, entertainer, or even a celebrity. With his immeasurable charisma, his outspokenness, his devastating humor, and his unparalleled generosity, Coluche transformed his era like no other artist before him. Since his tragic death, his popularity has never waned. It must be said that at a time when scandals are multiplying and the legitimacy of the political class is continually questioned, Coluche and his big mouth are missed more than ever. All this because of a freak accident… But was it really an accident?

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