Iron Will: Gustave Eiffel’s Legacy

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Iron Will: Gustave Eiffel’s Legacy

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Iron Will: Gustave Eiffel’s Legacy

52' - English

Tour, ponts, gares : le génie d'Eiffel révélé

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Gustave Eiffel may stand in the shadow of his iconic tower, but his brilliance shines so much farther. During his 59-year career, this visionary French engineer made his mark on more than 500 structures across the globe. Now it’s time to rediscover the life and work of this innovative architect, to celebrate the genius displayed in his less well-known achievements, and to recognize his influence on world architecture.

He built the great Nyugati train station in Budapest, a majestic building where stone and steel join forces to create a new aesthetic. In Porto, he took on the magnificent Maria Pia, the first iron 160-meter single arch bridge, a precursor to the incredible Garabit Viaduct. In New York he alone had the ingenuity to design the framework for the Statue of Liberty, the legendary landmark which has graced New York Harbor for more than 130 years. And, of course, in Paris he supervised the construction of the Eiffel Tower, one of the world’s most visited monuments.

Now, through interviews with experts, 3D models and breathtaking aerial photography, we are about to relive this fascinating period and meet one of the greatest design geniuses of the 19th century.

Discover the story of the man who rewrote the rules of engineering with each new project.

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