French Railway Stations: Monumental Constructions

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French Railway Stations: Monumental Constructions

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French Railway Stations: Monumental Constructions

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Gares de France, constructions monumentales

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Bordeaux, Strasbourg and Lyon are some of the most spectacular railway stations in France, imagined by the boldest architects and engineers. Three colossal monuments, three multimodal platforms, built in France’s largest cities to enable the transit of millions of passengers.

These stations have been equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and unique technological innovations. In Lyon, Saint-Exupéry Station resembles a bird spreading its wings. Its defining feature? The Tube 300, designed for TGVs passing through at full speed. In Strasbourg, a monumental glass shell covers the entire historic facade of the station built by the Germans in 1883. In Bordeaux, an enormous 17,400-square-meter hall defies the laws of gravity.

Since their creation, these three railway stations have, each in their own way, needed to stand out as prestigious buildings, address functional connection needs and continuously modernize.

Strasbourg, Lyon, Bordeaux... Here is a round-up of France’s most innovative stations. Three exceptional railway monuments that have successfully adapted to the evolution of traffic and the explosion of passenger flows, and have deeply altered the architecture of cities.

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