Insects for Dinner

1 x 52' 4K
Insects for dinner

Trailer - English

Insects for dinner

52' - English

Des insectes dans l'assiette

52' - French

In 2050, there will be 9.5 billion people to feed on earth. This will be a huge challenge for mankind as the lack of arable land and global warming burden our food industry. The solution? Including insects in our diet! Two billion people around the world already consume insects. Including this new type of food in our Western society's diet would reduce pollution from our food and farming industries. Several companies have taken the plunge and started this unprecedented style of farming, but inventing a new form of food industry that could feed a large population raises a good number of problems. What species will best suit nutritional needs? How will insects react to intensive farming?

At the other end of the production line, advertisers and marketing specialists also have to demonstrate a certain amount of creativity. How can they make a maggot look tasty? A grasshopper look appetising? They will need to change the Western vision of insects and get people to put aside hundreds of years of cultural prejudice and disgust. Will we be capable of overcoming our bias in order to save the world?

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