Lisboetas Today

1 x 110' HD
Lisboetas Today

Trailer - French

Lisboetas Today

110' - French

Situated at the edge of Europe, along the banks of the Tagus and the Palha sea, Lisbon draws its way of life, art, trade, and economy from the ocean. Its people– the Lisboetas – have even made the sardine a symbol of their city, and of important catholic celebrations. In times of tough economy, these links have been tightened. And more and more local people have turned to the ocean for work, change and sometimes for survival. Amalia, Thiago, Francisco are some of them. Thiago is refurbishing the family seafood business. Young Amalia has created a space for disadvantaged children to have access to culture and for people of the community to work together. A new breed of explorers, like Francisco, are trying at all costs to protect natural landmarks, including Cape Espichel and the cliffs of Arabida, from industrial greed

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