A Marmot's Life

1 x 52' HD
A Marmot's Life

52' - English

A Marmot’s Life

Trailer - English

Le clan des marmottes

52' - French

The marmot is a beloved and iconic animal of the Alps, known for its chubby figure and entertaining demeanor. In the film, we follow the life of Mox, a young male who emerges from his burrow at 6500 feet altitude for the first time after four weeks of being born. He has a limited window of time to build up enough fat reserves to survive his six-month hibernation underground. During this period, Mox engages in playful activities with his peers, mutual grooming, and feasts on succulent plants. He also learns to identify the scent of each colony member, the peaceful presence of chamois and ibex, and the dangers that lurk above.

When Mox wakes up the following year from hibernation, he is exhausted, emaciated, and vulnerable to predators such as eagles, foxes, and wolves that still roam the snow and avalanche-covered slopes.

As Mox reaches adulthood, tensions escalate within the colony, leading to fierce fights between male members. To become the dominant male of his own family, Mox is forced to leave the clan and fend for himself. However, the mountain environment is full of dangers that he and his family must constantly be vigilant against.

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