Men and Turtles, A Journey Across the Indian Ocean

1 x 52' HD
Men and Turtles

Trailer - English

Men and Turtles

52' - English

Sous le signe de la tortue

52' - French

Turtles live almost everywhere around the Indian Ocean: in Madagascar, Comoros Islands, South Africa, the Seychelles and Reunion. But these animals, which are among the oldest marine reptiles on earth, are facing many threats today. According to their historical and cultural backgrounds, people in these areas see turtles in different ways. In Madagascar, these animals are hunted for their meat, because of food shortage. In South Africa, natural reserves have been created to study and protect them. In the Seychelles, ecotourism is booming and money is reinvested into turtle protection programs. In any case, turtles are an object of fight or cooperation among people. “Men and Turtles” is a sort of investigative journey in order to understand the local challenges and issues around these fascinating animals, in beautiful exotic landscapes.

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