Mormons: Spreading the Word

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Les Mormons, qui sont-ils vraiment ?

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Mormons: Spreading the Word

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Mormons: Spreading the Word

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This is the story of a Christian church that appeared 200 years ago in the United States and has since succeeded in establishing itself all over the world. The number of followers has risen from just a few thousand in 1830 to 16 million in 2023.

It has its own mythology - the Book of Mormon - which describes Native Americans as descendants of the chosen people, an Israelite family from Jerusalem.

Its founder developed a series of original ceremonies inspired by those of Freemasonry. And unlike other major churches around the world, it keeps them secret.

It is also the only Christian church to practice proxy ceremonies for the dead... so that members may be reunited with their families in the afterlife, including ancestors who had not been baptized.

This religion, marked by the practice of polygamy in its early years, has managed to polish its image and be successfully recognized as a church; its fortune is estimated at 100 billion dollars, thanks to their followers donating 10% of their income. It's a war chest that the church uses to proselytize.

But today, like all Christian religions, it is facing a crisis of faith among younger members and a section of its followers, who question the church's conservative values and cultural appropriation of Native American history.

Find out more about the history and secrets of this religion, one of the few latter-day Christian churches still gaining new followers in Africa and South America, and building new temples all over the world.

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