Paris Train Stations: Shaping the City

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Paris Train Stations: Shaping the City

Trailer - English

Gares de Paris, un patrimoine révélé

52' - French

Paris Train Stations: Shaping the City

52' - English

Every day, Paris’ six railway stations welcome over 3,000 trains and more than a million travelers coming from France and all over Europe. The stations’ sizes are impressive: Gare du Nord is bigger than the Louvre or Notre-Dame de Paris.

These railway stations are architectural landmarks and a model of urban planning despite the radical changes they’ve undergone since their construction in the middle of the 19th century.

How did the railway stations manage to absorb the boom of travelers in just a few decades? What colossal works were necessary to erect and then modify these now essential buildings?

From the monumental glass walls of Gare du Nord to the iconic tower of Gare de Lyon, to the first-ever all-electric train station, each has its own story, technical characteristics, and well-defined urban image.

Thanks to never-before-seen aerial shots, high-quality computer-generated imagery, and the analysis of renowned experts, you’re about to discover how these modern-day cathedrals have made their mark on the City of Light.

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