Mechanical Wonders: The Magic Behind Puy du Fou

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Puy du fou, Le génie des spectacles révélé

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Mechanical Wonders: The Magic Behind Puy du Fou

52' - English

Mechanical Wonders: The Magic Behind Puy du Fou

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Since its creation in 1978, the Puy du Fou has made a name for itself in the world of entertainment, exporting its know-how all around the globe. The park continues its rise among the world's leading shows and theme parks, and defines itself as "a veritable real-life laboratory where technology serves the arts".

While the stories developed by the Puy du Fou are captivating, it's not only for the strength of the scenarios and the emotions they convey. It is above all the engineering treasures used on each show. Technical feats are developed sometimes over many years by the very best specialists to enable the production of ever more immersive and impressive shows.

At the heart of the approach adopted by its teams, the Puy du Fou brings sets to life and transforms them into veritable animated tableaux, placing technology at the service of creation and innovation. To achieve this, the park calls upon the very best that the aeronautical and automotive industries have to offer to ensure the reliability and robustness of the mechanisms that make the Puy du Fou a global flagship for technical innovation in the service of entertainment.

With more than 2.2 million visitors, sixty attractions and 1,900 permanent and seasonal employees, the Puy du Fou boasts extraordinary technical resources: video-mapping and real sets, a rotating grandstand, light projections, hydraulic platforms, synchronized drones...
The Puy du Fou is innovative in the art of entertainment and naturally integrates a range of new technologies, which for the most part remain invisible to the public.

In this documentary, we reveal the technologies specially developed by the Puy du Fou, thanks to the industrial know-how of companies that use prototypes usually destined for the automotive or aeronautical sectors. We reveal the secrets of the design offices that work for months on end to achieve world-class innovations to guarantee the safety of the public, actors, stuntmen and animals present.

We'll discover how the Puy du Fou's creative team designs exclusive prototypes to give each show a unique character, and how the park has succeeded in industrializing its artistic process while retaining the authenticity of live entertainment.

Innovation in the service of emotion: this is the secret of the mega-structures that make the Puy du Fou such a unique park, a jewel that is prized the world over.

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