San Andreas: A Race against Time

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Faille de San Andreas, L'apocalypse bientôt en Californie ?

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San Andreas: A Race against Time

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San Andreas: A Race against Time

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California is one of the world’s most active earthquake zones, particularly around the San Andreas Fault. Measuring around 800 miles long and 90 miles wide, it crosses the megacities of San Francisco and Los Angeles.

This fault is currently the world’s most closely watched phenomenon. What scientists fear?  The Big One.  An earthquake so tremendously powerful that it could cause the death of thousands of people and millions of dollars of damage!

Everyone knows this dreaded quake is going to happen, but the question is when? Concern is growing as seismologists currently estimate that there is a greater than 70% chance of the next earthquake happening before 2032. This is a race against the clock and, for the first time, we are going to reveal the huge scientific resources that have been implemented to try and predict the unpredictable.

Get up close and personal with the United States’ most dangerous fault, where, thanks to international experts, unprecedented 3D animations, and aerial images, we will reveal all the engineering secrets developed by researchers to prevent the Big One and understand how to contend with the planet’s most dreaded earthquake.

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