Titans of the Sea: A Family Affair

1 x 52' 4K
Titans of the sea: A family affair

Trailer - English

Titans of the Sea: A Family Affair

52 - English

Cachalots: une Histoire de Famille

52' - French

Off the coast of Mauritius lives a family of true giants:  sperm whales, over two dozen of them, including fifteen females and eleven offspring, as well as the big males returning from months hunting in the waters of southern Africa
Embedded within the clan, the film shows how these oceanic giants function socially to highlight their extraordinary everyday lives.
It all starts with baby Lana’s birth. Through her we meet Arthur the shy one, Elliot the adventurer, Romeo the cut up, Germine the nursemaid, and finally Konas the prodigal son, whose return is celebrated by dozens of relatives rubbing up against him.
But the burgeoning clan will soon have to separate and reorder itself, forming new relationships and new families that will fill the oceans.
Via hundreds of hours of 4K footage captured over nearly a decade, this unique, breathtaking documentary recounts for the first time ever the incredible story of a family of sperm whales.

  • 1 x 52' 4K
  • Les Films en Vrac, France 5, Ushuaïa TV
  • Guillaume Vincent, René Heuzey & François Sarano
  • English, French
  • Nature & Wildlife
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