TGV M: A New Era of Sustainable Travel

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TGV M : La techno du nouveau fleuron de la SNCF

52' - French

TGV M: A New Era of Sustainable Travel

52' - English

Since its dazzling introduction in 1981, the French TGV has triumphed not only in Europe, but as far afield as Morocco and South Korea. In early 2025, the next generation of high-speed trains will be launched full speed ahead: The TGV-M, the new face of France’s railway expertise.

Building on its 50-year industrial heritage, this fifth-generation high-speed train breaks new technological ground. To stand out in a highly competitive niche market, the TGV-M’s major advancement isn’t speed, but energy efficiency and versatility.

Through its optimized aerodynamic profile, advanced proprietary technology, and innovations unseen on high-speed trains before, this new generation of TGV can transport up to 100 additional passengers while consuming 20% less energy. Predictive maintenance will replace preventive maintenance as sensors use artificial intelligence to process thousands of variables every 100 milliseconds, leading to a 30% savings on upkeep. 

Besides being super-connected, the TGV-M can be easily reconfigured – the “M” stands for “modular”, and the first-class cars can be transformed into second-class cars, and vice-versa, according to need.

Follow the 10-year journey of the TGV-M from drawing board to its construction and real-life trials on the French rail network. Engineers, experts and designers welcome you aboard and inside the massive train production facilities where TGV-M, the train of the future, is being born.

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