9/11: The Unheeded Warning

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9/11: the unheeded warning

Trailer - English

9/11: the unheeded warning

52' - English

11 septembre, l'avertissement ignoré

52' - French

The terror attacks of September 11th, 2001, plunged the world into shock and resulted in the Western world waging a relentless war on Islamic fundamentalism. Two days earlier, on September 9th, Commander Massoud had been assassinated by the same man behind the attacks in New York: A certain Osama Bin Laden. For months, Massoud, dubbed the "Lion of the Panjshir," had tried to make his voice heard on the dangers represented by the rise of the Taliban in Afghanistan. But Europe and the United States turned a blind eye. Why didn’t they listen to Massoud? Was he silenced to protect their economic interests tied to the sale of weapons to Pakistan?

This little-known story, told from the inside by diplomats, political leaders, and military officers, both on the European and Afghan side, sheds new light on the events that led to September 11th ; the tale of a man, who, had he been heard earlier, might have changed the fate of the world.

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