Yellowstone: America's Ticking Bomb

1 x 52' HD
Yellowstone: America's Ticking Bomb

Trailer - English

Yellowstone: America's Ticking Bomb

52' - English

Supervolcan Yellowstone : Menace sur la planète ?

52' - French

One of the most powerful supervolcanoes on Earth is found in the American northwest — Yellowstone. It has the largest magma reservoir on Earth, and its geothermal and seismic activity has been constantly evolving for the last 10 years.
What if that activity were the first indication of the volcano’s great reawakening? And if Yellowstone erupts, what would be the consequences for humanity?
That explosion would cause 1,000 times more damage than the recent eruptions of the Eyjafjallajökull and Pinatubo volcanoes. It would be a million times more powerful than Hiroshima and, in addition to the cataclysmic damage it would create, we’d have to contend with the ashes. Covering the sky and the ground, it would change the climate for hundreds of years, making Earth virtually uninhabitable.
Thanks to new technologies, radar, and measurements, the eyes of volcanologists are riveted to their oscilloscopes. How could they anticipate danger? After years of research into catastrophic eruptions, NASA engineers have developed the innovative Major Volcanic Eruption Response Plan. Today, all scientists agree that the question is not if the Yellowstone supervolcano will awaken... The question is... When?

This 52-minute documentary will take you through different possible scenarios of a Yellowstone super eruption using impressive 3D models and the help of leading experts in the field.

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