Zebras: Stars with Stripes

1 x 52' 4K
Zebras, Stars with Stripes

Trailer - English

Zebras, Stars with stripes

52' - English

Zèbre, une vie haute en couleur

52' - French

In animal documentaries, the zebra is often no more than a supporting role, an extra, or even worse, a prey. And yet, it’s an animal with astonishing cognitive and physical abilities and complex social behaviors. More stubborn than a mule, more powerful than a mustang, this African horse deserves its place in the spotlight. Let’s take a trip to Zambia for a closer look at this majestic animal, a direct descendant of the first prehistoric horses.

We follow a close-knit family consisting of two adult females, one young mare and a foal, all protected by a powerful stallion. With increasing periods of drought each year, how do zebras manage to find food and water? 

What defenses do they use against the predators that lurk both day and night? The oldest equine on the planet is a marvel of adaptation, and holds a major trump card: the power of the herd.

With its magnificent coat, which is part barcode, part insect repellent and part AC system, the zebra steals the show. But in its shadow, we find lions, hyenas, hippos and baboons…

All secondary characters in the rich African savanna.

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