Antarctica: The Cold Hard Truth

1 x 52' 4K

Could the future of most of humanity be at stake today, in a place as unexpected and remote as the Antarctic? Known as this huge, eternal, citadel of ice, data shows today that the Antarctic could be key to understanding the effects of global warming. As huge fragments of ice are starting to break from the shores, experts are wondering: Is this the beginning of a new debacle like in the Arctic? Maybe… But the stakes here are not the same. While only a few centimeters of the sea level rising would already cause irreparable damage to the planet, the melting of Antarctica's ice cap could provoke an increase of up to 70 meters… Like in the feature film "Don't look up", the continent is becoming our very own killer-asteroid! The film will follow the most recent international research and expeditions to Antarctica, trying to answer the questions: Have tipping points already been reached? Is there an irreversible domino effect at work here? Shot on the field with scientists and in labs around the world (NASA, French Glaciological Institute…), using modern-CGIs and modelization technics, the film will reveal how Antarctica is being impacted by climate change; and how this faraway land is at the center of humanity’s future.

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