Clash of Titans

4 x 52' HD

“The Chinese built the Wall, the Egyptians built the pyramids, the Americans built Midway!” Launched in the 1940s, the USS Midway aircraft carrier is an incredible 295-meter long steel superstructure with a displacement of 60,000 tons and a 41-meter beam. It could transport 120 aircraft and proved to be unsinkable!  As incredible as she was, she was not the only war machine in the sea.

In the 20th century, the oceans became strategic battlegrounds and the world’s major powers built increasingly powerful warships. Unfortunately, these Clashes of Titans were rarely filmed, and the wrecks of some of these defeated giants now lie at the bottom of the ocean…

Today, a team of international experts has gathered an unprecedented amount of previously unseen historical stills and footage, based on which they managed to recreate some of the most iconic warships and naval battles in ultra-realistic 3D CGI.

For the first time, with the help of historians, engineers, architects and senior officers, this 4K series will immerse the viewer in the greatest naval battles of the 20th century and drill down into the heart of the superstructures that fought them, uncovering their complex engineering and technological feats. 

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