Secret Russia

3 x 52' HD
What if we told you about a different Russia? A secret Russia, full of history. Russia, a place of wide open spaces. From the Altai Mountains (south of Siberia) to the high valleys of the Caucasus (on the southern frontier between Europe and Russia), and the northern banks and frozen ports of the White Sea, discover three iconic places, far from the large urban centres. Shot in the middle of winter, the most difficult season, but the most representative of the soul of Russia, this journey will take you through grandiose, unfamiliar snow-covered landscapes. We shall discover this Russian hinterland where traditional lifestyles go on unchanged in an unspoiled wilderness. We shall meet these rural populations, share in the legendary hospitality of the mountain dwellers with whom we’ll climb the peak of Mount Elbrus, the highest mountain in Europe. We shall aim to discover their dreams, their difficulties, and what they think of their country. On this journey of several hundred kilometres, come and uncover the secrets of the outer reaches of Russia.
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