10 June 2024

D-Day: Filmmakers on the Frontline set a new audience record on RMC Découverte!

We have amazing news! This past weekend, “D-Day: Filmmakers on the Frontline” (2x52' UHD) that Kwanza coproduced, set a new audience record on RMC Découverte, with a staggering 2.6 million viewers tuning in between 9:10 PM and 11:50 PM. The film’s 137-minute long version has achieved the channel’s third-highest rating in this time slot since its creation in December 2012. We are thrilled by the phenomenal response to this newly released documentary, which has already established an impressive track record in such a short time. A big thank you and congratulations again to RMC PRODUCTION for bringing this film to life. We couldn’t be happier to be distributing this film to audiences far and wide!!