09 June 2024

Stellar Review for "D-Day: Filmmakers on the Frontline" in The Guardian

“D-Day: Secrets of the Frontline Heroes brings us back with gripping immediacy. It’s a powerful reminder of the impact of capturing history on camera – showing that monumental events become even more profound when someone is there to hit 'record’.” Huge thanks to Channel 4 for their trust in this film and The Guardian for this generous review. It’s been a wonderful journey co-producing this film and we're deeply grateful for our partnership with the talented team at RMC PRODUCTION. A big bravo to Thibaut Martin, who's done an outstanding job as a coproducer and director. Keep an eye out for our “D-Day: Filmmakers on the Frontline” documentary airing on various channels around the world in the weeks ahead, honoring the heroes who brought D-Day to the world screens. Read the full article in The Guardian: https://www.theguardian.com/tv-and-radio/article/2024/may/25/d-day-secrets-of-the-frontline-heroes-review-the-courageous-men-who-filmed-the-normandy-landings