Dinosaurs: Anatomy of a Disappearance

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The world of dinosaurs never ceases to fascinate the public and mobilize researchers. But how did these ever so powerful creatures disappear after having dominated the planet for 200 million years? What chain of events took place that caused the end of the Cretaceous, a golden age of thriving animal and plant life? 

The answer lies 66 million years ago, in one of the most dramatic episodes in the history of our planet, when an asteroid the size of Mount Everest slammed into the Earth off the coast of what is now Mexico. In 24 hours, the world underwent the equivalent of dozens of Hollywood disaster movies! An explosion mightier than a billion Hiroshimas which cloaked the planet in a cloud of fire, burned millions of square kilometers of forests and sent monstrous waves crashing over the land. In just a single day, every possible and imaginable natural disaster befell the earth: volcanoes, tsunamis, storms, floods… And to top it off, the cataclysm triggered an unprecedented famine and nuclear winter. 

Which of the dinosaurs – from the fierce tyrannosaurus to the fearless triceratops – could resist such a cataclysm? Not a single one... 75% of all living species died and the few that lived had to learn to survive in a world burned, damaged and reduced to nothing. The miraculous survivors were birds and small mammals like the cimolesta: literal heroes for whom evolution reserved a flamboyant future. Nothing less than our ancestors.
Alongside the world’s leading international experts, and using stylized time-freeze CGIs, we plunge viewers into the heart of the most terrible day in Earth’s history – that of the dinosaurs’ final days – while grappling with the question: if all this happened to the dinosaurs, could it also happen to us? 

For the first time ever, we will experience the apocalypse as it unfolded for the dinosaurs, as if we had been there ourselves!  

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