Beyond Appearances: The True Story of Freemasonry

1x52' HD

It is one of the oldest and most secretive societies in the world. Today it has more than two million members worldwide. Object of fantasies and mysteries... with its rituals and its secular traditions... Its strange symbols... This enigmatic fraternity has played a central role in the emancipation of men from religious tenets and social alienations. How its legend was built? How did a simple corporation of medieval cathedral builders become the most famous and criticized intellectual and philosophical order in the world? Accused of fomenting conspiraciesand revolutions in the secrecy of their lodges... Satan worshiper for the clergy... At a time when conspiracy theories are flourishing, what real influence does Freemasonry have in our society? Dive with us into the heart of an unprecedented historical investigation behind the scenes of Freemasonry.

  • 1x52' HD
  • RMC Production, RMC Films, RMC Story
  • Léa Schlesinger
  • English, French
  • History
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