Dr Black Peck

1x52' 4K

The forest is sick! Parasites are taking advantage of the drought to proliferate in its trees and are killing it slowly. However, its inhabitants are resisting the pandemic. From the operating room, the retaliation is led by a hero with an unforgettable look: Dr Black Peck, a genuine Dr House working in a forest hospital. He is the best equipped to operate on sick trunks, thanks to his surprising anatomy which lets him cushion the 10,000 pecks he applies each day, hence protecting him from brain damage. Due to global warming, the forest ER is swamped. Our Dr Black Peck tries to fight this serious situation as best he can.

As if that weren’t enough, he also has to manage his personal life. He hates the company of his own kind, yet is constrained to find a mate if he hopes to breed. What a difficult challenge for this unsociable character! Moreover, things get trickier when the holes he is pecking to shelter his future family are invaded by squirrels, martens, stock doves and other unwelcomed guests. Unwillingly, our Black Peck is the keystone species of our forest ecosystems. Throughout a year, we follow this misanthropic hero as he strives to save his forest. Told in the style of a medical series, his story is a breathtaking immersion in the day-to-day life of a unique hospital unit, one of the last hopes for forests facing man-made devastations affecting our planet.

Nowadays, the public is raving about forests and the secret powers of trees, for the first time, this film explores them on a surgical level. From the highest points of the tree-crowns to the heart of the sick trunks, drone shots, hides equipped with long and macro lenses will offer a total immersion at animal level. Animations complete the sequences and detail the tools available to our doctor as well as the diseases affecting the entire forest. 

Let yourself be guided through the corridors of the Forest ER alongside the medical team, which saves the lives of our forests every day: that of Dr Peck.

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