Hell on Wheels: World’s Deadliest Roads

3 x 52' HD

Imagine if seven major airliners crashed every single day. That’s how many people die in daily road accidents around the world. Each day, 3,700 lives lost and more than 50 million injured each year. If you’re on the road anywhere in the world, you’re in harm’s way. Now, explore the global epidemic of road accidents in this gripping three-part documentary series, Hell on Wheels: World’s Deadliest Roads. Each 52-minute episode takes you alongside the firefighters, police officers, tow truck drivers or reporters who are often the first on the scene. We’ll hear from the victims and the road experts as we recreate the crash scenario through 3D infographics and shocking footage and photos from the scene. This eye-opening investigation into the world’s deadliest roads reminds us that anyone, anywhere could be the next victim.

So buckle up and brace for impact!

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