The Wild and Wonderful World of Elon Musk

1 x 52' HD

His rockets are revolutionizing the conquest of space. His vehicles have turned our image of the electric car upside-down. His factories are among the biggest in the world…

His name is Elon Musk, and in twenty years he has become one of the most powerful men on the planet, with a fortune skyrocketing into the hundreds of billions of dollars. But despite flaunting the swashbuckling demeanor of a fictional hero ­— even one of the sci-fi genre — this brilliant, mysterious man's claim to fame is based on some very concrete technical innovations.

Be it in transportation, with Tesla and Hyperloop; in energy, with lithium battery powerwalls; or in space exploration, with his SpaceX reusable rockets, Musk always makes a huge splash. But his wackiest goal? To set foot on the planet Mars! By 2070, the billionaire plans to colonize the Red Planet by launching 1,000 Starship shuttles in that direction.

To understand this extraordinary entrepreneur's vision, we'll take a deep dive into his impressive galaxy of projects, by way of animation and computer graphics. From the most concrete to the loopiest, we'll embark on an exciting voyage into the World of Tomorrow. A voyage that's already begun...

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