The Impossible Case of MH370

2 x 52' HD

On the night of March 8, 2014, Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing suddenly disappeared from radar screens. With 239 people on board. After weeks of confusion and chaos, lies and negligence on the part of Malaysian authorities, the loss of the flight was explained as a “deliberate act,” a “U-turn” based on “new satellite data,” followed by a “crash into the Indian Ocean.”

But how could a Boeing 777, the safest plane on earth, simply vanish from such a well-monitored area ?

In her explosive book, Florence de Changy, foreign correspondent for Le Monde in Asia, chronicled the flaws in the investigation and the suspicious inconsistencies of the official version. Could the government be covering something up?

Since then, testimonies and unreleased reports have yielded unforeseen developments: did MH370 really make a U-turn? When did it disappear? At 1:20 or 2:25?  Were the aircraft’s communication systems deliberately turned off? Why didn’t the investigation report rule out the intervention of a third party? Was the plane carrying illicit cargo in its hold?

Today we are closer to the truth than ever. But many grey areas still remain…

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