Shrouded in Mystery

1 x 52' HD

Is the Holy Shroud authentic? Between scientific proof and those who have chosen to believe, the subject remains up for debate even today. Over the centuries, many relics have been presented as the ultimate Holy Shroud, the one that truly covered Jesus’ body after his death. Today, the one in Turin is believed by many to be the most authentic, and it’s also the most well-known and widely venerated. What makes the Shroud of Turin different from the rest is that in 1898, its image became famous around the world. The Shroud was photographed by Secondo Pia, and after developing his snapshots, he realized that the negative showed that the shroud portrayed the image of the face and body of a man bearing visible marks of the crucifixion and the wounds inflicted upon Christ. Many believers around the world saw this image as a miracle, because it shared all the characteristics of the Passion and Resurrection of Christ, making it irrefutable proof of the relic’s legitimacy. Others prefer a scientific explanation and believe it more likely that the shroud originated in the Middle Ages. According to a radiocarbon dating analysis conducted by three labs in 1988, the shroud dates back to the late 13th or 14th century, making it too recent to have been around when Jesus was alive. Nevertheless, defenders of its authenticity continue to contest these results, claiming that even if we are not willing to take the shroud’s authenticity on faith, no one has yet been able to explain how the image was imprinted on it. Over the course of this investigation, we will consider both possibilities, as we attempt to understand the origin of this relic and explain the unexplainable. Historians, archaeologists, and scientists will decrypt religious texts, official documents, and other analytical reports in a search for proof, thus presenting an overview of the most recent discoveries and revealing the mysteries of the most famous relic of all.

  • 1 x 52' HD
  • RMC Production, RMC Films & RMC Story
  • Vincent Néquache
  • English, French
  • History
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