Wonder Ship: Titanic Engineering

1 x 52' 4K

Never had such a challenge been attempted; never had such a vessel been built. A superliner: a gigantic, luxurious steamer, powerful enough to steam along at 20 knots.

In only three years, a record time, over 15,000 workers welded her, riveted her, and fitted her out. The Belfast shipyard had been expanded for the purpose of accommodating what was the world’s biggest shipbuilding endeavor. Actually, three sea giants were being constructed simultaneously, the Olympic, the Britannic, and - the most famous and impressive of all -  the Titanic. 

What engineering feats did this behemoth demand? Many ingenious innovations helped make the Titanic a masterpiece of naval architecture. Of unparalleled dimensions, the ship was equipped with riveted steel cladding and watertight compartments. Its revolutionary electrical and hydraulic systems, eight pumps, smoke detectors, and its on-board intercom system were state-of-the-art technologies at the time. 

With contributions from experts at the Titanic Museums in Belfast and Liverpool, along with exciting new finds from the archives of the White Star Line and spectacular CGIs, dive into the inner workings of the monstrous marvel of the ocean and tease out her secrets.

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