Surviving Utoya

1 x 52'

July 2011, Norway. Anders Breivik, a rightwing extremist, set off a bomb in Oslo then attacked a camp run by the youth association of the Labour Party on the island of Utøya. The toll was heavy: 77 dead and over a hundred wounded. For 72 hellish minutes, the teenage campers did everything they could to escape the heavily armed madman hunting them down. At last, the attacker was stopped and some of the young people saved. 

Ten years later, five survivors share their stories before the camera. Now adults, they look back at how their incredible survival instinct kicked in during the attack, and discuss their struggle to rebuild a life in the aftermath. They share all that they represent for their nation and the rest of the world: trauma, heroism, and the will to live. By telling their story of July 22, 2011, they put forward a fundamental question: how does one go on living after such an event? The unfiltered, intimate accounts, illustrated by personal and media archives, will be bolstered by a journalist present during the two-month-long trial, a psychologist helming therapeutic support after the trauma, as well as Norway’s Prime Minister at the time.

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